About the Artist:

I have always been interested in the art of makeup.  As a child watching my mother apply hers, I thought she was just beautiful. I can remember standing in her lap and using my little finger to transfer some of her red lipstick to my lips, and her laughing when I did it.  My mom could multi-task one tube of lipstick as eye shadow, “rouge,” as well as its intended use.  For me, the world of makeup and the art that is involved has come a long way since then.

At 14, I took all of my birthday money and spent it on an Elizabeth Arden makeover.  I studied every move the makeup artist made as she transformed me with color and texture.  In junior high and throughout high school, I became the go-to girl for quick makeovers for the cheerleading squad.  In college, my sorority sisters would make their way to my room, makeup bag in hand, and ask me to do their makeup before a social, formal, or even just a night out. 

My participation in the Miss Georgia USA contest was a complete immersion into a different realm of cosmetics application.  This is when I realized that applying makeup involved taking into consideration a number of other factors.  Makeup for stage lighting and television is a different thing altogether. I learned that there are numerous other factors to consider when applying makeup, and I realized that this information could assist me in becoming a true artist of makeup.

I’ve worked in cosmetics in both the retail and direct sales fields.  Perhaps most importantly, I’ve been a rabid consumer of cosmetics. As a flight attendant based out of New York, American Airlines required strict makeup standards, and provided training in application techniques.  I’ve worked for MAC Cosmetics where my formal training in cosmetics ran much deeper.  It is a company near and dear to my heart today; product knowledge, artistry, and meaningful training are key components to any successful makeup artist. 

I love the art of makeup, and I enjoy sharing my knowledge of this art with others.

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